Community Administration

Services to Residential Communities

Owners expect excellent value for money from the contractors who maintain their urbanizations. Working directly with community presidents and administrators, HPS has extensive experience of working in communities and is able to provide cleaning, maintenance and administrative support services.

Community Cleaning

Community cleaning requires detailed timetabling and a specification of duties in order to ensure that cleanliness and standards of hygiene throughout the urbanization are maintained at the highest levels. Smart and well motivated HPS staff under regular supervision by senior managers along with the use of appropriate cleaning materials and equipment ensures a high standard is always maintained. This service is provided on an annual contract basis, with hours worked tailored according to the season.

Community Maintenance

HPS is able to offer routine and ad hoc maintenance of community services. These would include programmed checks of lights and timers, electrical and plumbing repairs and general building works, e.g. repairs to damaged pathways. This service can be provided on an annual contract, fixed price or time-and-materials basis.

Administrative Support

Administrators are not always able to provide routine or ad hoc site supervision on contractors and HPS is able to provide this service. Additionally we are able to act as a contact point for owners who are not able to converse easily with a Spanish-speaking administrator or his staff.

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